The Causes of World Financial Crisis

In order to prevent the world financial crisis, there are several things that people should do. The financial crisis in fact is a major problem that can influence all countries in the world, for example the increasing price of oil. One barrel of Oil is sold at a high price. This will definitely make the poor countries find difficulties to obtain their welfares. The high price of oil makes them get trapped in the worst financial crisis.

There are several effects of world financial crisis. The crimes will increase since people will try to do anything in order to survive. This phenomenon happens in all countries in the world, including in developing countries and even advanced countries. Many people cannot afford to buy goods and materials since they are sold at high prices. Finally, they choose a shortcut to fulfill their needs; stealing and robbing become their only option.

World financial crisis can be caused by a piracy also. Piracy makes the creators of products cannot get their rights to receive the loyalty from the things that they have created. Eventually, this will also cause a financial crisis. The government should enforce the law in the case of piracy so that the world financial crisis can be solved sooner.

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